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Tracking lost smartphones is easy, regardless of OS!


No matter what smartphone you own, Apple or Samsung, Nokia or any other company, when you lose it or it is stolen from you, there is a big change that you will think about tracking your device. Last week, a few companies like Samsung, Apple, T-Mobile, U.S Cellular, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, decided to place anti-theft tools in their devices, ...

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WhatsApp gets huge update in Blackberry Beta Zone


The BlackBerry Beta Zone was treated to a new release this morning, namely a new WhatsApp version which comes along as an update to the existing WhatsApp Beta available to BlackBerry Beta Zone members, The thing about this WhatsApp Beta update is that it has a massive changelog addressing not only bugs and performance issues, but also integrating new features ...

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SecuTablet equals Samsung and BlackBerry teaming up


Remember those rumors back in January about Samsung buying BlackBerry? Well, those were quickly debunked by BlackBerry, but in turn the company let people in on a partnership that was ongoing between the South Korean and the Canadian company. Details about the partnership were just recently revealed at the CeBIT technology conference in Germany this weekend, and they’re definitely not what ...

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BlackBerry Rio Z20 leaked with a full touchscreen display

BlackBerry Rio Z20 will be launched in February

The BlackBerry Rio Z20 is supposedly one of the next devices John Chen and co. will be introducing in 2015. The CEO promised that the company would introduce at least four new phones by the end of year, besides the BlackBerry Passport, but failed to deliver on that promise. Nonetheless, we did see the launch of the remastered BlackBerry Classic ...

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QWERTY-less mid-range Blackberry smartphone reportedly in the works

Blackberry has a new touchscreen-only smartphone in the works

Although Blackberry are infamous for their QWERTY smartphones, rumor has it that the next handset manufactured by the company will actually not sport a keyboard at all. The device in question reportedly goes by the name of Rio, or Z20, and has specs similar to what you would normally find on mid-range phones. As for the target audience, Blackberry is ...

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MWC 2015: BlackBerry will be showing off a new line-up

MWC 2015: BlackBerry will be showing off a new line-up

MWC 2015 isn’t right around the corner, but time passes by faster than you would think and March 6th, when MWC 2015 should be kicking off will come soon, and we’re anxious to see what participating companies have prepared for us. BlackBerry is going to be one of the exhibitors at the show and rumor has it that the newly ...

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BlackBerry might be bought out by Lenovo

Blackberry might be bought by Lenovo

We have seen a nice amount of progress from BlackBerry this year, with the new BlackBerry Passport and the upcoming “unconventional” handsets, as announced by BlackBerry CEO John Chen. Even so, the company is still struggling with revenue because its user base has considerably shrunk in the past few years, taking the company’s popularity with it. Lenovo has already tried ...

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BlackBerry Classic specs, release date leaked

BlackBerry Classic

While many of us expected to see the new BlackBerry Classic launched alongside the new BlackBerry Passport, John Chen left us with just a tease of what we will be seeing “early next year”. The BlackBerry Classic wasn’t showcased at the BlackBerry event a few weeks ago, but CEO John Chen did mention that the handset was in the works ...

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Blackberry Passport Gold Edition spotted in recently surfaced photo


Blackberry’s infamous square design is still popular among smartphone users it seems, as the recently launched Blackberry Passport managed to sell over 200,000 units in just a couple of days after release. Now it looks like the company wants to take it to the next level by launching a Blackberry Passport Gold Edition. A recently surfaced image showcases the shiny new device ...

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BlackBerry to release one unconventional phone a year


The BlackBerry Passport has just been officially launched last week and the handset has quickly sold out, demonstrating that BlackBerry had underestimated the success the handset was going to have, offering up only 200.000 units when the handset went on sale. The BlackBerry Passport enjoys a pretty good success rate at the moment, with people appreciating the unconventional form factor ...

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