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Overwatch’s Sombra ARG: When too much hype meets a missed opportunity

For most of a two or three month period, certain segments of Overwatch’s community (particularly on the game’s subreddit) were hard at work trying to find any clues that Blizzard may have left regarding (what most people assume to be) their upcoming character, Sombra. From decoding cryptic messages in trailers written in hex values to monitoring the Overwatch’s website for any change ...

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The disastrous nature of Overwatch’s Competitive mode

With the recent release of Overwatch’s Competitive mode, it should come as no surprise that there are some grumblings about certain features that are proving to be less than ideal. After all, no one is perfect, and some things that may have sounded like a good idea conceptually may not work as well on a practical level. However, it appears as ...

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Overwatch review: The newest way to hate your teammates!

Conceptually, Overwatch is no different from any other game in that it is certainly not the first game to revolve around fighting with your team and using your character’s abilities to outplay the opposing team. The most obvious direct comparisons that come to mind are Team Fortress 2 and Battleborn, two games that have similarly cartoon-y art styles, vibrant colors, ...

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Overwatch beta impressions: It’s like Team Fortress 2 with butts!

Every once in a while, a game comes around and revitalizes an otherwise fairly stagnant genre. These days, no genre has become more stagnant than shooters, with every major developer and publisher pumping out the same kinds of super realistic, super gritty, or super competitive games. This is where something like Blizzard’s Overwatch comes in, introducing something that is so ...

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The absurdity of the debate over Overwatch’s Tracer and her butt pose

By now, you have probably heard of at least one of the many debates over the portrayal of female characters in modern gaming. From fairly legitimate issues like ridiculous body armor, to well intended but perhaps a little far fetched ones that ask for “realistic” body shapes for unrealistic women, you can pretty much find a complaint (regardless of its legitimacy) about anything and ...

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Heroes of the Storm Review


On paper, I shouldn’t really be enamored by Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s first foray into the MOBA genre. Its casualized and dumbed down approach to the genre seems like a retraction rather than an advancement for the MOBA formula. On the contrary, where Heroes of the Storm removes complicated staples of the genre, it adds in new mechanics that ...

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Hearthstone Teases New Game Mode

We’ve all dumped way too many hours into Hearthstone – and how couldn’t we? With excellent mechanics, a pleasant user experience, and fun game modes in constructed and draft, it’s a card game worth spending ridiculous amounts of time in. If all that wasn’t enough for you, however, Hearthstone’s official twitter just teased a new way to play. While it doesn’t ...

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New Heroes of the Storm Content Announced

Today, during the “Mayhem Begins” event put on by Blizzard, the company announced a whole lot of new content for Heroes of the Storm. As the Heroes of the Storm launch happened on June 2nd to lukewarm reviews, it looks like Blizzard intended to wow us with a much better live stream, and they’ve accomplished just that. Along with showing us ...

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Have You Seen The New Overwatch Gameplay Trailers Yet?

A lineup of Overwatch Heroes

Over the past couple of days new gameplay trailers have been released for Overwatch on Blizzard’s Overwatch EU YouTube channel. The new trailers depict actual in game footage of several different playable characters from the game. All of the trailers are unedited running at 1080p with 60fps on a PC. Obviously the potential is there if your PC is able to handle the ...

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