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Windows 10 will replace Internet Explorer with Spartan browser

Windows 10 said to use Microsoft's new Spartan browser

It’s no secret that Windows Explorer isn’t exactly all that popular and hardly anyone uses it. In fact, most people only use it to download a different browser immediately after they finished installing Windows. Microsoft are well aware of this and are apparently planning to do something about it. The upcoming Windows 10 will reportedly not feature Internet Explorer like the ...

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BitTorrent, the company behind uTorrent is working on its own P2P browser


As you’ve already gathered from the suggestive title, the company behind the uTorrent client is working on its own web browser. The company in question goes by the name of BitTorrent Inc. and the their recently announced project is entitled Malestrom. The main goal here is to create an internet “powered by people” using a peer-to-peer browser that works much ...

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64 bit Mozilla Firefox browser official

64 bit

Mozilla has been thinking about developing a 64 bit Firefox browser for quite some time now, and with the imminent launch of Windows 10, the company seems to have decided to speed things up. Mozilla has announced that the 64 bit Firefox browser it has been developing will be ready by Spring 2015. Firefox 37 is scheduled to launc on ...

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Cosmos for Android allows internet browsing via SMS


Cosmos for Android is an application that was designed with markets that don’t have widespread access to LTE and 3G in mind. Cosmos is essentially a browser which bypasses the need for 3G or LTE and uses SMS messages to help you browse the web. Supposedly, Cosmos will be released on the Google Play Store in less than a month, ...

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Google announces that the VirusTotal Uploader is available for Mac users, too!


The VirusTotal is a subsidiary of Google, a free online service that analyses files and URLs enabling the identification of viruses, worms, Trojans and other kinds of malicious content. Its mission is to improve the antivirus and security industry. The free service runs multiple antivirus engines and website scanners, multiple file and URL characterization tools, makes real time updates of ...

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