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Gears of War 4 Campaign: Did The Coalition Get It Right?

Gears of War 4

Full spoilers for the Gears of War 4 campaign follow; you have been warned! If you haven’t completed the game’s story yet, please do so first and then come back to read. Gears of War 4 had that “special event” feel about it, didn’t it? The last entry in the series was Gears of War Judgment, but being a prequel with a ...

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Overwatch will not feature a single-player campaign, but there will be a plot according to Blizzard


This year’s edition of Blizzcon was a very special one because after nearly two decades Blizzard finally announced a new IP. Overwatch has been the subject of speculation for many months after it was revealed back in April that the company trademarked that name. We didn’t actually know what it was until recently but the name did sounded fitting for a ...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature a lengthy campaign


Call of Duty games have traditionally been known for their multiplayer component and not for their campaign, but Sledgehammer Games wants to change all that with the next title in the series. According co CCO Glen Schofield, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature a pretty lengthy campaign, or at least longer than those of the previous games. He didn’t ...

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Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void – Wishes and expectations


I had a startling realization earlier while browsing my old pal Google in the hopes of finding some info on Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. The realization was of course that there is no such info, at least nothing solid to go on. I find this to be strange for two reasons. First off, nowadays most highly anticipated games ...

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Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis DLC coming August 5th


Infinity Ward announced the fourth and final downloadable content pack for Call of Duty Ghosts. Entitled Nemesis, the DLC includes four brand new maps as well as the final chapter of the Extinction co-op campaign. Episode 4 is called Exodus and has you fighting armies of  Cryptid and Ancestors, powerful aliens capable of unleashing psionic attacks. Aside from all the heart ...

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GTA 5 rumored to get single player DLC, said to be PS4 exclusive


Rumor has it that Rockstar plans on releasing some downloadable content packs for GTA 5. Moreover, these DLCs will apparently only be released for the PS4, but they might also just be timed exclusive, so bound to come out on other platforms as well at some point. Users on the GTA forums have found some interesting information within the game’s source code ...

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The UK starts new anti-piracy campaign, education instead of punishment


Internet service providers and governments have been looking for ways of dealing with piracy for the longest time. Most of the measures tested revolve around punishing people who download files illegally or just outright blocking access to torrent websites altogether. While mildly successful, these measures arn’t really a solution and most pirates know ways of bypassing them and keep downloading ...

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Save Winston Churchill in the latest Sniper Elite 3 DLC


After allowing you to assassinate Hitler, Sniper Elite 3 now demands that you save none other than the British Prime Minister himself, Winston Churchill. The appropriately named Save Churchill DLC comes in three parts, the first of which is already available on Steam with the others to follow later this summer. In order to save the Prime Minister you will have ...

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