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Witcher 3 Bovine Defense Force saves virtual cows

The Witcher 3 has been out for about half a month, so it’s bound to have some bugs and glitches to be smoothed out. But one of the more interesting fixes said the new patch would deploy the “Bovine Defense Force Initiative,” and holy cow, it causes a giant cow monster to spawn whenever a player tries to exploit the ...

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We Might Not Hear About Cyberpunk 2077 Until 2017

Remember that incredible trailer for Cyberpunk 2077? A visually stunning dive into CD Projekt Red’s new cyberpunk world had us all giddy, hyped beyond belief for it to be “Ready.” While we were salivating over the Witcher 3, another CD Projekt Red game, in the back of many fans’ minds was Cyberpunk – we must be seeing more about the ...

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New Playable Witcher 3 Character

new playable Witcher 3 character

There is a new playable Witcher 3 character and her name is Ciri. Players will not be able to freely switch between her and Geralt. Instead, you will take control of her during specific story moments, which will be very significant portions of the plot. Ciri herself is connected to a long lost elven blood lineage and was featured in ...

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will not suffer a visual downgrade

Last week, Polish developer CD Projekt Red released a handfull of Witcher 3 screenshots that we’ve made available in this post. However these pretty pictures were the cause of some concern among fans: in thread on the popular gaming forum¬†NeoGAF, fans expressed their doubts about the images and that their quality was “not as good as we’ve come to expect”. ...

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