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Sexism and The Witcher 3: What the Polygon Article Got Wrong


In what appears to be a customary routine with every new game release, I find myself having to attempt to address and dispel seemingly absurd claims regarding the nature of The Witcher 3’s content. CD Project Red, developers of this gorgeous, new role-playing epic, received some unexpected flak from Polygon, where journalist and editor Arthur Gies criticized the game for allegedly ...

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Witcher 3’s CD Project Red responds to Crunch Accusations


We’ve recently posted an article regarding Witcher 3 and how it will not suffer a visual downgrade. The statement was made in response to an anonymous user on the NeoGAF forum claiming to be an insider from CD Project Red, and laying some big accusations on the company. Not only did he say that Witcher 3 was being built as an “overblown” ...

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