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Here’s the connection between Overwatch and Project Titan


Back in late September, Blizzard Entertainment had announced its supposedly-ambitious massive multiplayer online title – Project Titan – had been officially cancelled. Yesterday, the publisher had revealed its newest intellectual property in over 15 years – Overwatch. Coming so soon after Project Titan’s cancellation, some may think there’s a connection between these two games. Apparently, there is. During this weekend’s BlizzCon, ...

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Blizzard officially confirms that the Titan MMORPG is cancelled


For the past several years rumors have been floating around that Blizzard Entertainment was working on yet another MMORPG. This new title was said to be called Titan, although this was apparently just its codename. In any case, there have been next to no details in regards to the game and Blizzard never actually announced it. Therefore, many people have started speculating ...

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Azeroth Choppers webseries starting out next week


Well, that just happened.  A World of Warcraft and American Chopper collaboration isn’t exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to hear about on a daily basis. To say that the announcement surprised pretty much everyone would be putting it mildly. Azeroth Choppers is an upcoming webseries that has two teams of bike experts competing to see which one of ...

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