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Google will answer queries as you type


Google will begin rolling out a new feature for mobile users of its search app which answers queries as you type. It’s another attempt by the Search giant to streamline the way we interact with the internet – on our mobile devices at least. Now you won’t even have to finish typing ‘how tall is the Eiffel tower?’ before you ...

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Chromebooks: Are they ready yet?


In 2011, Google unveiled their vision of the future – the Chromebook. To those unacquainted with Chromebooks, it would be best to start by mentioning Google’s internet browser, the hugely popular Chrome. In many ways, that’s all you need to know about Chromebooks. It embodies Google’s web based vision of the future by promising lightweight, inexpensive, easy-to-use, and a virus ...

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Ghostery Privacy Browser Coming to Android

Ghostery Privacy Browser is the name of the newest browser that’s coming to Android. Ghostery is known for creating browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera that will subvert any attempts to track your web usage and provides users with a sense of privacy. Ghostery Privacy Browser will not be an extension but will be a full stand alone ...

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Google Launches a New Work Subscription Option for $50/Year Chromebooks

Today Google is launching a new business service: for $50 per year and device, a business can subscribe to get access to Google’s advanced Chrome OS management features and support. This change ensures that Google can give options in terms of how a company can get access to the management console and support for said console. Initially, the only option was ...

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64 bit Mozilla Firefox browser official

64 bit

Mozilla has been thinking about developing a 64 bit Firefox browser for quite some time now, and with the imminent launch of Windows 10, the company seems to have decided to speed things up. Mozilla has announced that the 64 bit Firefox browser it has been developing will be ready by Spring 2015. Firefox 37 is scheduled to launc on ...

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Top 10 Android apps for smart use of your phone!


There are millions of top app lists all over the web, but I’ve designed this one especially for those who tend to be a bit OCD with their devices (and their lives). Once I got my hands onto a smartphone, I had already decided: it’s going to do everything for me! No more pens and papers scattered in my purse, ...

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Weekly Tech Digest – This week’s technology news

This week was an eventful week in the tech community, much like the whole month of July actually. Seems like summer makes brains boil to a higher degree, developers and manufacturers putting out products that simply amaze enthusiasts. The weekly digest sums up some of the news you might not have seen in your feeds yet or overlooked it. The Pirate ...

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Free All Access passes for Chromecast ‘s birthday!

It has been a year since Chromecast has been launched by Google and the giant decided to celebrate the occasion by giving away free all access passes to Chromecast subscribers that are available until September 30th. The all access passes refer to Google Play Music and are available from today in the U.S.  But, like anything that comes free of ...

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Google adds support for virtual reality in Chrome

Google Chrome

Google have announced that they are adding support for virtual reality to their Chrome internet browser. Oculus Rift is now officially able to be used with the browser while the ability to use other headsets is being worked on, with the company hoping to implement it as soon as possible. The company has revealed that although virtual reality currently won’t ...

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Google launches Encrypted E-mails Chrome extension

You probably already knew that Google’s Gmail supports encryption. But did you know that when a Gmail user e-mails somebody using an unencrypted service, the message isn’t protected? In fact up to half of all e-mails sent to, and from Gmail are not encrypted because of this. To fix the situation Google intends to start naming and shaming unencrypted e-mail ...

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