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Samsung Unveils New Gaming Laptops

Notebook Odyssey

CES 2017 had lots of exciting technology to show. From Virtual Reality to Smart Homes to self-driving cars, the expo showed off some of the newest and hottest technology. Computers and gaming are still a huge part of the show, however, and Samsung had some new models of gaming laptops to share. The technology giant also announced a partnership with ...

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Chromebooks: Are they ready yet?


In 2011, Google unveiled their vision of the future – the Chromebook. To those unacquainted with Chromebooks, it would be best to start by mentioning Google’s internet browser, the hugely popular Chrome. In many ways, that’s all you need to know about Chromebooks. It embodies Google’s web based vision of the future by promising lightweight, inexpensive, easy-to-use, and a virus ...

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Intel-powered Chromebook 2 launched by Samsung


The first Chromebook launch by Samsung was fairly successful and has reported pretty good popularity among casual and enterprise users as well. Many users did report that the Exynos chip Samsung included in the previous Chromebook didn’t perform too well, especially when it came to multi-tasking. Samsung has heard its users issues and complaints and has decided to launch an ...

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Photoshop is coming to the Chromebook


Google announced that, as of today, they have signed on a partnership with Adobe. This collaboration has the purpose of bringing Creative Cloud on Chrome OS powered decides. Initially, this process is made through a streaming version of Photoshop. For now, the program will be available for the U.S. Adobe Education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership. Creative Cloud ...

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Acer Chromebook is getting Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor


The very accessible Chromebooks from Acer are now even more attractive because they are now more powerful. Acer has been gearing-up its devices with more powerful processors, adding Intel CPUs to previous models and Nvidia’s Tegra K1 to the latest Chromebook 13 models. The Tegra K1 processor was recently added to Nvidia’s Shield Tablets and, as it turned out to ...

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HP announces the Slatebook 14: price and specs revealed


HP has just revealed the SlateBook, a 14-inch Android laptop that appeared in a leaked video at the beginning of 2014. Unexpectedly, this is an Android device with an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, a 1080p touchscreen and 9 hours battery life. But most of us are skeptical when it comes to an Android laptop of this size. This is not ...

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New Chromebooks to be released after Intel and Google team up


Most of us have probably heard by now about the new generation personal computers running Chrome OS as its operating system ( OS that uses Linux kernel and Google Chrome browser plus integrated media player)  Being similar to netbooks, the internet connection is vital but quite a large collection of apps can be used offline, too.  What consumers enjoyed most ...

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