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You Can Re-sell ESO for Consoles

There was a bit of a scare recently for those that are awaiting the release of ESO for consoles. Perhaps more so for those that were going to wait awhile and attempt to grab a used copy of the game on the cheap. This is one of the perks of console gaming. People waiting for ESO for console may have heard about ...

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The Elder Scrolls Online delay confirmed

Earlier we informed our readers that the next-gen console version of the highly anticipated MMO The Elder Scrolls Online was probably going to receive a 6 month delay. The information was leaked due to an FAQ that was probably published before the developers could make the proper announcement. The announcement did come and, as expected, The Elder Scrolls Online on ...

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Sony has announced the PS4 VR Headset

After many months of rumors of speculation , Sony has formally announced Project Morpheus, a virtual reality device for the PlayStation 4. We retreated the images of the head mounted display from the GDC 2014 presentation in San Francisco, which features a white visor with a black wrap-around piece along the eye-line. The PS4 VR Headset prototype will be be available to ...

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