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Australian indie developer announces Arena FPS Reflex


Australian indie developer Turbo Pixel has started a Kickstarter that aims to raise funds for developing a competitive arena shooter similar to the well known Quake games. Their project is named Reflex and in order to be able to make it, they need to get the equivalent to $320.000 in Australian dollars. According to the developer, Reflex is going to ...

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ESPN looking to broadcast more esports following the success of The International 4


Following the huge success of Dota 2’s The International 4 tournament ESPN is reportedly looking to broadcast other esports events as well in the future. The network was apparently “delighted” by the high number of viewers they saw, the Daily Dot reports. Sources close to the matter are saying that the company is especially happy with the ratings of a documentary about The ...

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Counter-Strike might get a tournament like Dota 2’s The International


With a total prize pool of over $10 million Dota 2’s The International 4 tournament is the most important event in E-Sports history. Given this huge success, Valve is taking into consideration the possibility of creating something similar for another one of their games, Counter-Strike. Although the FPS is not as popular as it once was, CS did make a comeback with ...

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