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Xbox One backwards compatibility and more at Gamescom


Just a few months ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be capable of playing certain Xbox 360 games with just a simple update. At Gamescom, a release window for the backwards compatibility update has been announced. Sometime in November, you will be able to play from an initial list of 100 Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One. It has ...

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Fable Legends coming to Xbox One and PC with cross-platform features enabled by Windows 10

Fable Legends cross-platform

Fable Legends will launch on both the Xbox One and PC later this year, Microsoft announced during their recent Windows 10 Consumer Preview event. Although the event was mostly about the new operating system, it also featured a segment that was focused on gaming. During this segment the company stated that Fable Legends will feature cross-platform play between the Xbox One ...

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Google warned by Germany to rethink data profiling policy


We all know that Google collects a lot of our information in order to offer a cross-platform experience where you can integrate all your user accounts and be rid of the hassle of always logging in and searching for things on Chrome. It seems that Germany isn’t very happy about the Google data profiling policy and says that the company ...

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Planetside 2 coming to PS4 later this year


Sony announced that Planetside 2 will finally arrive for the PS4 sometime this year. The game is a free-to-play MMO shooter, which features battles that take place on a truly massive scale. Planetside 2 was initially released for the PC back in November 2012 and has gathered quite a solid fan base since then. As you might imagine, the PS4 version ...

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