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YouTuber finds secret DLC area in Destiny


A Youtuber found out how to get to a secret area in Destiny. Apparently, this area was not supposed to be accessed until the release of “The House of Wolves” DLC, which is set for next year. We are living in a time when YouTube gameplays are essential to the industry. Some let’s players even manage to get millions of ...

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PS Plus version of Driveclub delayed due to connectivity issues


Developer Evolution Studios announced that the free version of Driveclub that was supposed to be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers after yesterday’s release is delayed. The developer states that this is caused by the connectivity issues that users are currently experiencing when they are trying to access the game’s multiplayer mode. Fortunately for those who own the game, Driveclub also ...

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Destiny players summoned for the Iron Banner

Destiny players called for the Iron Banner

Bungie invites Destiny players to join the Crucible for a limited time event that will “test your power as a Guardian”: The Iron Banner. The event kicks off today October 7th, and ends next Tuesday, October 14th. Players will have to prove themselves in these new forged fires of the Crucible where your gear ratings will make all the difference. ...

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Destiny will be getting a Hot Fix today


Bungie announced that Destiny will be receiving a hot fix today to be applied at approximately 7AM Pacific Time. This comes after the extensive 1.02 update implemented in the course of last week which brought a series of fixes and optimizations to the game. Developers announce Destiny players that online services will be interrupted for several hours due to this ...

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Destiny: The Vault of Glass Raid will not feature matchmaking anytime soon, but the option is being considered


Bungie launched the Vault of Glass Raid on September 16th, a week after Destiny came out. Unlike traditional raids found in other MMOs, the Vault of Glass does not feature a matchmaking option, which means that you can’t party with strangers. In order for you to tackle the difficult challenges posed by the raid you must first overcome another challenge ...

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Destiny 1.0.2 Update now available, patch notes included


Bungie still has a long way to go so that all “systems are good and steady” in Destiny’s massive gameplay, but it’s good to know they’re making progress. Developers released the 1.0.2 update recently to fix a major bug in the game’s Cryptarch system, along with many other notable fixes. The Cryptarch system was designed with the sole purpose of ...

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Bungie confirms rumors about the leaked Destiny DLC


A very interesting rumor surfaced yesterday regarding Destiny and its upcoming DLC. The rumor said that players can already see the new content thanks to a glitch, albeit they can’t do much with it except for reading some descriptions. Nevertheless, information is always useful so we were glad to learn about all the details as they helped us get a better idea ...

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Destiny and Call of Duty servers taken down by DDoS attacks


Over the past weekend, a hacker group known as “Lizard Squad” launched DDoS attacks to take down several game servers. The most affected were the North American servers of Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts, on all platforms. A few days before their attack, Lizard Squad posted a warning on Twitter, in which they stated that there were going to ...

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