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Valve issues new Steam Early Access rules and guidelines for developers


Recognizing that Steam Early Access is no longer what they intended to be, Valve have issued stricter guidelines and rules that all developers must follow. These rules have been set in place in order to make sure that games promoted and funded through the Early Access program are playable and offer value to gamers who pay for them. Moreover, developers must ...

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Google Glass losing support, fading into oblivion

Google Glass losing support, fading into oblivion

With the rise of augmented reality and various virtual reality headsets and goggles, Google Glass seems to have vanished from the spotlight. It’s not because people don’t like Google Glass – well, maybe a little but – but because support for the virtual reality device is declining. Many developers who had previously announced that they would be making apps specifically ...

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Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12 says Microsoft


Windows 10 is already shaping up to be one of the best versions of the operating system we’ve had in years and it will only get better. Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12 when it launches next year. Moreover, the current build of the operating system already features a developer-oriented version of DirectX 12. “The final version of ...

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The Elder Scrolls Online preparing for console launch admits layoffs

Elder Scolls Online free to play PC/MAC March 17 2015

An unannounced number of Zenimax Studios employees has been laid off earlier today, the developer announced. All those people were working on the Elder Scrolls Online, but apparently they were no longer needed. Zenimax reminds everyone that this is perfectly normal in the case of most MMOs and ESO is no exception. The studio had to hire a large amount of developers to ...

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Developers sign a letter to end harassment


Hundreds of game developers, both tied to important publishers and independent ones have signed an open letter to the gaming community. The letter is intended to end hateful speech and harassment. It states that everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion has the right to play, criticize or make games without being harassed or threatened. Furthermore, the letter ...

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Future LG smartphones to have bootloader unlocking


According to a report, LG is planning to offer a safer bootloader unlocking feature to developers, along with a specific server. The company is thinking about bringing bootloader unlocking support to all its future devices, but before doing so, it must terminate working on some fine details. The company is now thinking about what models will indeed come with a ...

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Nexus 5 modded to run on OnePlus One’s CyanogenMod 11S


The very same folks that ported the Android L developer preview to the Nexus 4 and HTC One M7 have now managed another impressive feat. XDA developers have succeeded in porting the CyanogenMod 11S from the OnePlus One to the Google Nexus 5. CyanogenMod 11S is a custom firmware based on the Android 4.4.4 operating system. There are currently no known issues ...

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Google gives Project Ara to developers


Creating customizable modular smartphones is probably Google’s most ambitious and interesting project. Called Project Ara, Google’s attempt to bring modular smartphones to the market is now one step closer to reality, because the tech giant has recently announced its intentions to give Project Ara to developers. Google has already accepted some applications from developers, who are more than interested in ...

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