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5 best co-op games of all time

Co-op games

It’s always nice to sit down and relax with a quality game. Even better when you have some friends to play these games with you. For this reason, we have prepared some recommendations of the best games out there suitable for joyful play sessions along with some buddies. Portal 2 Let’s start this list with a no-brainer. Portal 2 was ...

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Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 details revealed


Blizzard has announced a series of changes to be included in the next major patch of Diablo 3. These updates have been revealed during the game’s dedicated panel at the BlizzCon event which recently took place in California. Patch 2.1.2 will address a number of issues identified since the release of Patch 2.1 earlier this year, from a rebalancing of the ...

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Diablo 3 getting a pet fixing patch in the near future


A lot of Diablo 3 players have been complaining about pet survivability and the fact that pets are almost useless against many challenging creatures. Blizzard said a while ago that its looking into the situation, but still hasn’t announced a fix for the problem as of yet. However, Game Designer John Yang recently went on the Diablo 3 forums and said ...

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Diablo 3 for PS4 and Xbox One now available


Today, at the same time with the console version of the “Reaper of Souls” expansion pack, Blizzard released Diablo 3 for Playstation 4 and XBOX One. The next-gen consoles will also get the expansion pack, so players who own these systems and bought the game don’t have to worry that they will have to wait some more time before the new ...

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Diablo 3 will run at 1080p on both the PS4 and the Xbox One


It was announced earlier that Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition will run at 1080p on the PS4 and only at 900p on the Xbox One. However, it seems that Blizzard has been hard at work and eventually managed to have the game run at 1080p on the Xbox One as well, albeit after downloading a day-one patch. Additionally, it will also run at ...

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Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 exclusive content revealed


Blizzard Entertainment revealed the content that only PS3 and PS4 owners will be able to enjoy once Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition comes out. The company announced that they have teamed up with Naughty Dog in order to bring the PS3 hit title The Last of Us to Sanctuary. No, this isn’t some sort of port but rather a unique ...

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Diablo 3 Anniversary buff is here to stay


Blizzard announced that the Anniversary buff for Diablo 3 will be made permanent. The buff was made available on May 15 in honor of Diablo 3’s two-year anniversary, and was meant to last until May 22. The company said earlier in a Battle.net post that the increased Legendary drop rate will remain the same even after the buff is removed. “I ...

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