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The Banner Saga Review


Taking risks and living with the consequences. That’s what the Banner Saga feels like, most of the time. Stoic’s universe seems to be carefully crafted from legends of old and faery-tales alike, and sets players into a deep, mature and deeply rewarding world filled with peril and battered-down warriors. For most of the time, you feel as if you’re not ...

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Release “Date”: Shin Samurai Jazz

romantic Dinner

Release “date” is a new series where I take a newly-released game and spend some quality time with it. I will then give my first impressions based on the time I’ve spent with the game. My lovely partner today is Shin Samurai Jazz, a game by Blaze Epic. I’ve spent close to two hours with this game, and I’m ready ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: APT


Today’s Greenlight spotlight shines on APT, a first-person puzzle game by R.I.P Studios. Initial thoughts immediately liken the game to the Portal series, and these thoughts are very correct. However, this is not necessarily a negative thing. Portal is one of the most inventive, challenging, and entertaining games on the market, which means that there is plenty of room for ...

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Dark Souls 2 PC Review


Only two words are needed in order to summarize my time spent with Dark Souls 2: “YOU DIED”. Unfortunately, I started my journey through Drangleic without any experience with previous titles (shame on me). Needless to say, I really wasn’t prepared for the torture that awaited me. All I knew was that From Software RPGs are supposed to be very ...

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