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Life is Strange Episode 2 is Not Delayed, Will Release in March

Life is Strange game

Rumors had been swirling around a possible delay of the second episode of new adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment Life is Strange after Destructoid report claimed that a representative from Square Enix confirmed a delay. Dontnod had previously promised to release episodes at regular and frequent intervals- about six weeks of time between each installment. However, today, both Dontnod and Square ...

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Life is Strange is aimed at a Telltale and Heavy Rain audience


Dontnod have confirmed that Life is Strange is aimed at a Telltale and Heavy Rain audience according to a recent interview in VG247. The interview details Life is Strange’s similarities to Telltale and Heavy Rain. This includes the interactive narrative experience they wish to deliver. We also learn of the return of the “Rewind” mechanic from Dontnod’s game “Remember Me”. ...

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Square Enix will publish Dontnod’s “Life is Strange” adventure game


Square Enix announced on their website that they will publish French developer Dontnod’s new game, “Life is Strange”. The developer states that this will be a narrative-driven game, in which the story is influenced by the player’s choices. The game will be released episodically, with each new chapter building and evolving based on the before-mentioned choices. This style is similar ...

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