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A Few Xbox One Exclusives Are NOT Coming To E3

Xbox One Exclusives not at E3

With E3 just days away, and all of the hype that comes with it, it may come as a surprise that Microsoft announced that several of their exclusives won’t be making an appearance at E3. And this is despite Phil Spencer’s claim that “this year we have the greatest games lineup in Xbox console history.” So whatever it is that ...

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The Devil’s Advocate- E3: Overpriced, Overhyped, and Over There


E3 is right around the corner, and like every year, people are eagerly waiting in anticipation for all the big announcements and trailers and who knows what that will come from the event that has gained an almost legendary status in the world of games. From an outsider’s perspective, it must look like the gaming equivalent of the Oscars with ...

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Creators of Bayonetta Announcing New Game At E3


According to IGN, Platinum Games (The developers of Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, and Metal Gear Rising) are going to be announcing an entirely new title this E3. When it was mentioned that the studio was going to make an appearance, it was the assumption of most that it would be more information on Scalebound, the Xbox game that was briefly shown ...

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E3 2015 Top 10: the most E3citing games


As I type this, the press conferences of E3 2015 start in 5 days. That’s just  5 days before the world is smacked in its bushy face by another bunch of stilted game execs and designers, shoved onstage to speak in a language they don’t really know, and children faking excitement at awkward family game demos. But, as cool as ...

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Amazon Leaked a New 1TB Xbox One Console Bundle


Fans have been requesting it for ages. And it seems as though Amazon has accidentally gone ahead and leaked it ahead of E3. But, from the information posted it looks like Microsoft has been planning on unveiling a new version of the Xbox One console for E3. The new console doesn’t appear to be anything fancy, if you’ve been expecting a ...

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Dark Souls 3?

Dark Souls 3 rumour

If you’re familiar with the Dark Souls franchise then you know that these games are typically quite slow in releasing. Dark Souls came out in 2011, and Dark Souls 2 came out in 2014. That’s a solid three year gap between iterations. But, the first official trailer for Dark Souls 2 came out way back when in 2012, only a ...

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Battleborn Projected To Release In 2016 – Will Come To E3


Last July, Gearbox revealed an impressive trailer for their newest title, Battleborn. The game is meant to be a first-person MOBA complete with a cooperative campaign, to be released for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. With its stunning visual style and promise to bring the ever-so-popular genre of MOBA’s to a console audience, Battleborn is guaranteed to be an important title. ...

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Is Hype Really So Bad?

Witcher 3

As E3 grows ever-closer, the eternal conflict between cynical games journalists and PR specialists wages on. The former warning us against the dangers of getting excited for unreleased products, and the latter trying to get us all to board the hype train for these new releases, keeping the community buzzing. While hype can, in fact, be dangerous to the consumers, it’s ...

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E3: Expectations for the Xbox


Time flies. With June around the corner, it’s time to settle down and see what games are coming out. Already, Xbox developers have revealed some big names for the year. Many of them are sequels and rumors. There’s also some surprising news from Phil Spencer, concerning the future of the Xbox. Expectations for this E3 are high. This year, games, ...

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