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Star Wars: Battlefront Reveal Date…Revealed


Ever since Star Wars: Battlefront was announced, there has been a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding the game, and with good reason. The original two titles in the Battlefront series were maybe some of the most-played games during their prime. I vividly remember playing hours upon hours of single player Battlefront and setting up instant action games hunting the Gungan ...

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Battlefield: Hardline Review – Chasing Gold

Battlefield: Hardline Review Police

Battlefield: Hardline took the Battlefield series to unfamiliar territory, immersing the player in the life and mindset of cops and criminals; the righteous and the evil. Hardline provides a sense of realism by removing the heavy array of weaponry seen in the earlier titles and obtains a fresh approach to the field of battle, accomplishing this thanks to Visceral Games, ...

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Battlefield Hardline Showcases New Concept Art for Multiplayer

Battlefield Hardline

Over on the Electronic Arts blog, Ian Milham, Creative Director for Battlefield Hardline, sat down to give some insight into the art of the game with explanations and brand new concept art for the multiplayer maps of the first person shooter. Milham stated that authenticity came second to believability in the art style; specifically, the team wanted a feel of “heightened, ...

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Steam Introduces Inventory Service

Steam Logo Marketplace Platform Digital

A new Steamworks Software Development Kit (SDK) update has been announced (via VG 24/7). It gives video game developers the tools needed to introduce items that will appear in players’ inventory on Steam. The Steam Inventory Service changes the user experience on the biggest digital distribution platform for PC, Mac and Linux games. This optional service allows developers to create items that users will ...

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EA Is Charging Players For Gas In Need For Speed: No Limits


EA plans to charge players for gas in the upcoming mobile phone street racer Need For Speed: No Limits. Coming in Spring of 2015 to Android and iOS, the game that promotes “Your Car, Your Streets, Your Rules” is taking micro transactions to a whole new level. Need For Speed: No Limits is a free to download and play game ...

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Mirror’s Edge 2 Given Release Date?


After its announcement in the summer of 2007, EA DICE’s Mirror’s Edge wowed gamers with its impressive graphics and clean artistic style and innovative control scheme. In the year that followed, Mirror’s Edge was released on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, then later on PC with updated visuals. With the praise it received, the aggregated score of 81 on ...

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Battlefield Hardline’s Campaign is Stealth Focused

Battlefield Hardline's Campaign is Stealth Focused

Battlefield Hardline’s campaign is stealth focused according to previews published by various other sites who were given hands on time with the upcoming game. Hardline is the next entry in the popular Battlefield series, EA’s answer to Activision’s Call of Duty. However, Hardline was initially to be released this October but fell through to March 17 of next year. GameSpot and ...

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