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Greenpeace crowns Apple the most eco-friendly tech company


In Greenpeace’s recent report on developments towards an eco-friendly internet, ‘Clicking Clean,’ Apple were found to be the greenest company among its tech peers. Each company, which included Microsoft and Facebook, were graded according to their use of renewable energies, as opposed to nuclear and fossil-fuels, as well as a number of other factors. Apple was the only company to ...

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Verizon Wireless planning a Smart City

Most of you know Verizon Wireless because it’s a carrier which is mostly involved with handsets and tablets, as well as various data and mobile communication services. Nonetheless, Verizon is not just a carrier, but a financer and backer of some really interesting products, as it turns out. Verizon is supposedly planning a Smart City and is already recruiting products ...

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Stack smart light bulb interacts with the world


IFA 2014 was filled this year with wearable technology and smartphones, but another main exhibition category was the home automation system. You could find smart home automation systems that can control the temperature, lighting, humidity levelg, security cameras and more through a simple application or platform like Apple’s HomeKit or Samsung’s Smart Home. But the Stack smart light bulb doesn’t need ...

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