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Dota 2 Kicks Off 2017 With ESL One Genting

Dota 2 kicks off an explosive new year at ESL One Genting.

Not even a week has passed yet in 2017, but the first major Dota 2 tournament is already well underway. At ESL One Genting, eight of the world’s finest Dota 2 teams are competing for a total prize pool of $250,000. Virtus Pro, Fnatic, Newbee, Team NP, Digital Chaos, Execration, Wings Gaming and WG Unity are fiercely competing. The games ...

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ESL’s Upcoming Hearthstone Trinity Series


2016 has been a big year for Hearthstone, and Blizzard is making a lot of changes to make the competitive scene even more vibrant in 2017. Blizzard’s new Championship Tour includes more global championships in the form of season championships, regional season playoffs, an overhaul of the points and cups system, a prize pool of over $2 million USD and ...

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ESL to bring Mortal Kombat X into the Pro League lineup


The release of Mortal Kombat X is just around the corner, and Netherrealm Studios is making sure that you’re excited about it. They’ve trickled in character reveals, teamed up with System of a Down for the launch trailer, and even released a “companion app” to help tide us over until release day. The game plan for generating hype has been ...

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ESL disqualifies mousesports from their CS:GO Pro League

The Electronic Sports League, or ESL for short, has decided to disqualify German team mousesports from their Pro League. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is currently involved in a major scandal due to several players getting banned last week for cheating. One of the first players to suffer this fate was Simon “smn” Beck who was banned by Valve’s anti-cheat service and ...

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Here are the Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams invited to participate in the ESL Pro League

About a week ago, ESL announced their new league system for Counter-Strike Global Offensive with $50,000 on the line as prize money. The system consists of three different leagues: Professional, Major, and Open. The Pro League will feature sixteen of the best CS:GO teams around, eight of which will need to qualify while the other eight are invited by ESL. ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting an ESL league system with $50,000 prize pool

ESL is finally implementing a league system for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $50,000 on the line per season. Each season will feature three different competitive leagues: the ESL Pro League, the ESL Major League, and the ESL Open League. This system is very similar to what other eSports games have but I’ll give you a quick rundown in case you’re not ...

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Halo is stepping back into the eSports limelight this weekend

Before Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and various Call of Duty titles there was yet another FPS that dominated the eSports shooter scene. That game is Halo and it will be returning in style this weekend with the ESL The Master Chief Collection tournament. As you might imagine, this tournament aims to celebrate the upcoming Halo: the Master Chief Collection, which includes the ...

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Nosgoth will have its own ESL Cup Series starting next month

The eSports scene is going to include yet another game very soon with the arrival of the upcoming online action-adventure title Nosgoth. The game is still in its Closed Beta phase and a release date has not been announced yet, but that didn’t stop publisher Square Enix from creating a series of competitions in collaboration with the Electronic Sports League. The ESL ...

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