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Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson leaves Ninjas in Pyjamas and retires from eSports altogether


The Swedish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Ninjas in Pyjamas is undergoing a major roster change after one of its players announced his eSports retirement. The player in question is Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson, one of the key members of the team. Ninjas in Pyjamas performed under the same formula since 2012, so this is quite a big change for the whole team. One ...

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Idra rejoins Evil Geniuses as their Heroes of the Storm captain


Idra was a pretty big name on the eSports scene back in the day – like, last year – and was infamous for a couple of reasons. First, he was a damned good Starcraft 2 player, but most importantly, his rage quits became legendary in the community. In fact, Idra  may have been more known for his temperament reminiscent of that the ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CEVO Season 6 prize pool announced


CEVO opened the registrations and announced the prize pool for the eSports competitions that will take place during Season 6. While Season 5 featured $19,635 in prize money, in Season 6 we’re seeing an increased of over $4,000 for a total prize pool of $24,100. In addition, the prize pool has the potential of getting even bigger thanks to CEVO’s community ...

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Blizzard starts permanently banning Hearthstone win traders


Blizzard recently started dropping the banhammer on Hearthstone players found using bots to hep them gain gold and levels faster. The bans were initially only meant to last for two months, but they will be permanent from now on according to the company. This was just the beginning however because Blizzard has now started banning win traders as well. The company ...

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Nosgoth will have its own ESL Cup Series starting next month


The eSports scene is going to include yet another game very soon with the arrival of the upcoming online action-adventure title Nosgoth. The game is still in its Closed Beta phase and a release date has not been announced yet, but that didn’t stop publisher Square Enix from creating a series of competitions in collaboration with the Electronic Sports League. The ESL ...

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