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iPhone is the terrorist phone according to government


The iPhone and the iOS ecosystem in general has been accused countless times of being favorable to malicious actors such as terrorist by the U.S. government and the FBI in particular. There have been many accusations against the iPhone and against Tim Cook saying that the encryption that Apple uses in its smartphones is a tool for terrorist to communicate ...

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Tor users – IP address can be identified with routers

Tor users - IP address can be found with routers

Tor users, those of us who value our anonymity on the internet, should pay attention, because it seems Tor is not so safe and secure yet. According to recent findings, Tor users’ IP addresses can still be pulled by people exploiting our routers. Tor has been having issues with its anonymity features recently, after Silk Toad 2.0. Cloud 9, Hydra, ...

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FBI director upset at encryption offered by Apple and Google


Security and privacy has been one of the main concerns of many smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and other mobile or wearable device users. Apple has responded to these concerns by offering encryption on all of its devices, and Google has done the same, announcing the feature on the upcoming Android 5.0 L version too. It seems that the FBI isn’t as ...

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Facial recognition technology implemented by the FBI


The FBI, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has been investing in facial recognition technology for some time now, and it seems as though they’ve implemented a new technology to catch the bad guys. The main idea behind facial recognition technology is to replace the fingerprint system and allow culprits to be identified through a facial recognition software from afar. ...

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The NSA reportedly has the most advanced facial recognition technology


Reports are claiming that the NSA is collecting millions of digital pictures from the internet everyday, including thousands of facial recognition images. Information is very important as we’ve learned from the Edward Snowden trial of leaked National Security Agency documents. The pictures are extracted from e-mails, text messages, social networks, video conferences and other types of communication. The story also reveals some interesting details, ...

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