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Aria’s Game of the Year Winners – 2015


As we turn our backs on 2015, it’s time to round up our favorite games of the year. We saw a lot of excellent video games last year, and everybody has their own list of favorites. I thought that a fun way to start off the year would be to share my favorite games of 2015 with you. So, without ...

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The Best Way to Play Final Fantasy on the Go

Final Fantasy Go

Gaming has changed. More specifically, the accessibility of gaming has changed. The elephant in the room, smartphone and tablet gaming, is responsible for a great deal of the shifts our medium has undergone over recent years. Today we live in a world in which a device for making phone-calls, is your hub for multimedia, and for many, a primary platform for ...

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New Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots Reveal Secret Movie, New Outfits

Final Fantasy Type-0

The truly stunning visual updates will not be the only thing different about the upcoming remake Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The latest batch of screenshots for the Square Enix game are gorgeous and give a closer look at some of the characters including Cater, Jack, Seven, Cinque, Deuce, and Trey. However, they also reveal details about some of the new features contained ...

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Devs to hold College Lectures

FF Type-0HD Logo

As a result of a partnership with Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Plano, Texas and University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles Square Enix has announced today that developers Yusuke Naora and Kazuyuki Ikumori will hold a series of university lectures. Naora and Ikumori are members of Square Enix’s Tokyo development team and are currently working on Final Fantasy Type-0 ...

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Final Fantasy XV Demo With Type-0

Final Fantasy XV Demo With Type-0

Square Enix recently held a small show focusing on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD with game director Hajime Tabata. During the presentation, Tabata gave some more details on the Final Fantasy XV demo that will be bundled with the upcoming Type-0. The demo will be called Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. The word, “Duscae,” is not an actual word but one ...

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New Final Fantasy: Type-0 features revealed


Director Hajime Tabata announced that the international release of Final Fantasy: Type-0, which is actually an HD port of the original PSP game, will contain an ‘easy’ mode and that co-op will be removed from the game. Hajime Tabata explains the setting of Final Fantasy: Type-0. Basically, you are in a war and your characters are a special ops team. ...

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Final Fantasy 15 demo scheduled to arrive next March


Update: Square Enix has confirmed the news. Original Story: The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 15 looks to be currently in the work and Square Enix is expected to release a playable demo next March. This information comes courtesy of a leak and although the original article was since deleted, it can still be seen on NeoGAF. The leak also tells us ...

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