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Final Fantasy 7 Polygon Figures – Price, Release Date

final fantasy 7 polygon figures

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake brought the beloved 90s RPG to the modern era with vastly improved visuals, and the overall response was very positive. However, there are still those who will always hold a special place for the original (and its blocky character models) in their hearts, and this post is for those people. Amazon has recently posted a ...

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Final Fantasy 7 Remastered : What Can We Expect?

will final fantasy vii cater to fans

Will the Final Fantasy remake break loyal hearts or cater for a new generation? At last year’s E3 convention, Sony announced to the world the remodeling of an immortal classic from square enix, Final Fantasy VII was to receive a reboot. Much to the euphoric, rapturous ovation of the onlookers there that day, ever since its press release the game has ...

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