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Galaxy S6 Active confirmed through new Bluetooth SIG listing


The Galaxy S6 Active will be the next smartphone launch from Samsung and it will be the reinforced version of the main flagship, the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 Active is now officially confirmed, thanks to a listing in the Bluetooth SIG database. Although the South Korean company hasn’t confirmed the existence of the ruggedized smartphone, we can go ahead ...

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The Galaxy S6 will be more fashionable with new accessories


Samsung announced that the Galaxy S6 would become one of the most fashionable handsets on the market, as the company wants to give customers the possibility of purchasing designer-made accessories that are fashionable and high-end. It seems the smartphone and wearable market are getting increasingly more influence form the fashion world, although it really doesn’t look like something users are ...

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LG G4 release date apparently set for April, just in time


The LG G4 failed to make an appearance at the MWC 2015 show this year, but not because there were problems with the device. LG decided that it would be a smarter move to launch the new flagship later in the year, so that it can more effectively compete against the HTC One M9 and the Samsung’s Galaxy S6. Launching ...

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Galaxy S6 Active release date pegged for May 2015


The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is a pretty big deal right now, but many are disconcerted by the fact that the new flagship is not waterproof, it doesn’t have a removable battery, nor a microSD card slot. These issues might be mended by the Galaxy S6 Active, the ruggedized version of the new flagship. According to a user agent profile, ...

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Why there isn’t a Snapdragon 810 in the Galaxy S6


The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge were launched at the MWC 2015 on Sunday, and besides being moderately innovative, one of the surprises they brought was the actual absence of the Snapdragon 810 chipset. Many of us knew that Samsung would go for their own Exynos chipsets for the Galaxy S6 and its curved, dual-edge screen variant, but we ...

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Galaxy S6 officially unveiled, we’re looking at an edge display


The Samsung Galaxy S6 or more likely the edge-variant, the Galaxy S6 has been paraded around the internet on carrier websites ranging from T-Mobile to AT&T. All these carriers have managed to get their hands on an image of the Galaxy S6 from the side, which shows off a curved edge-display and a new button placement, not to mention a ...

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The Next Galaxy: Galaxy S6 teased in promo video


Samsung’s The Next Galaxy Twitter account has released a teaser video about the Galaxy S6 and although it’s short, it gives us a bit of insight as to what the company is aiming for with the next flagship. The video seems like a surreal mix of industrial design samples, narrated by the “voice of the Galaxy S6” which sounds a ...

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Galaxy S6 wireless charging feature confirmed by Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are coming to the Mobile World Congress in March, but the South Korean company has spilled the beans about a feature we didn’t expect to see on the phones. Samsung revealed that 2015 is the year of wireless, which makes us think about wireless charging, naturally. It seems that the company will ...

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Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 Hima: which will be more spectacular?


Both the HTC One M9 Hima and Samsung Galaxy S6 are at the top of the most anticipated smartphones of 2015 list, and for good reason. Expectations for these flagships are enormously high and many say that neither company will be able to meet those expectations. There are rumors about bending screens, fingerprint sensors, eye-tracking sensors, optical zoom, 3D interfaces, ...

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