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PS4 is way more popular in China than the Xbox One according to poll

Microsoft recently launched a new commercial in an attempt to show Chinese gamers just how awesome the Xbox One is. Unfortunately for the company, China is not impressed at all according to an ongoing poll. The question asked is as follows (Google Translated): “If Microsoft and Sony’s consoles are successfully listed on the National Bank, which would you choose?” As of this ...

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Ubisoft believes that DLC has been accepted by most gamers

It’s no secret that DLC has become a very big part of the gaming industry in recent years. The idea was unsurprisingly embraced by most companies and nowadays you’ll be hard pressed to find a game that doesn’t feature at least a couple of DLCs. I think we can all agree that the companies get the most out of this, ...

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Ubisoft admits that DRM will not stop piracy

CD Projekt Red are not the only company that thinks DRM is bad for the industry, Ubisoft also shares a similar opinion. The Witcher 3 devs recently stated that gamers “are not criminals and they do not need DRM.” Now Ubisoft steps forth and says that digital rights management are punishing paying players while also admitting that this system will not stop ...

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5 million people downloaded new time-waster called 100 Balls

A new free app in App Store became viral among amateur gamers who enjoy playing on their smartphones when bored. After Candy Crush invaded almost every smartphone with sugar and sweets and numbers were getting bigger and bigger in Threes, the new app remains as simple to use as the ones mentioned earlier.  A simple tap of a finger fills ...

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AMD Never Settle Forever campaign returns

AMD announced the return of the Never Settle Forever campaign, promising to give gamers who buy Radeon cards up to three games or indie adds, depending on the type of GPU they chose. Buyers can also get a $10 off coupon and a free-to-play game FireFall. The first time AMD launched the Never Settle packs they included a bunch of ...

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