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iPhone smart glasses – Vuzix now compatible


The Vuzix M100 smart glasses were first announced last year at the CES event and they are inherently Android powered devices. So far, only Android users could benefit from Vuzix M100 smart glasses, but a new update has rolled out for the wearable device, OS 2.0 update which will allow iPhone users to connect to the Vuzix M100. iPhone users ...

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Sony Smart Glasses look actually promising


Lately, we’ve seen a marked increase in wearable devices, with new smartwatches, fitness bands, health trackers, medical devices, smart glasses and virtual reality headsets popping up at every corner. Sony has already unleashed a SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk which were quite popular and advanced, but the Sony Smart Glasses have just surfaced recently and they look actually promising. Google ...

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Google Glass competitor Epson Moverio is a cheap alternative


Google Glass has had many tech enthusiasts pretty excited at the prospect of using a more simplified version of augmented reality through the digital glasses. Even though Google Glass is still considered to be in development, there have been many updates and improvements to the glasses so they can be more user friendly and practical. Nonetheless, many are skeptical or ...

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Qualcomm offers support for smart glasses and VR


Qualcomm is the best known manufacturer of high quality CPUs for smartphones, as you’ve seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola Moto X, OnePlus One, Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact and many more mid-range and high-end smartphones. Qualcomm hasn’t been known to offer much support for wearable devices as of yet, but it seems that the company is shifting ...

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Gear Blink from Samsung will rival Google Glass


Google Glass has been the forerunner of smart glasses for quite some time now, with a a pretty small number of challengegrs like the Baidu Eye, Funiki Ambient Smart Glasses and Lenovo’s prototype smart glasses. A new challenger of Google Glass is going to arrive soon in the form of Gear Blink, a pair of smart glasses made by Samsung. ...

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Smart helmet comes with augmented reality features


We’ve discussed the use of wearables in the work environment before and decided that wearable tech is not only suitable for the workplace, most of all it’s useful, like the Smart Helmet developed by Daqri promises to be. Wearable technology like smart glasses and smartwatches have been most popular in the past and those are the ones we’ve proposed for workplace ...

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Cyborg Unplug is the new Google Glass detector


Many people have been distressed about having Google Glass users record their every move, surveying their homes and family and generally having access to their information at any time thanks to the cyborg-like glasses they are wearing. Clearly, that’s probably not the purpose of most Glass users, but people are generally skeptical about people who look like walking cyborgs with ...

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Google Glass challenged by Baidu Eye


Google Glass has been the standard in smart eye wear so far, with few challengers living up to what Google Glass can do, but Baidu has come up with a new contender for the top spot in smart glasses with its Baidu Wear headgear. Baidu has unveiled a working prototype to compete against Google Glass at the Baidu World conference earlier. The ...

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Pandora Radio on Google Glass


Pandora Radio just rolled out a Google Glass app this week, making it possible for Google Glass users to listen to music right from their glasses. A whole lo of talking has been heard about Google Glass lately, and all the improvements, including the new XE 20.1 patent design, make Google Glass skyrocket to the top of trending gadgets. People ...

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New Google Glass Patent Spotted


Google Glass users have been rather unsatisfied with the design of the smart glasses so far, saying that the technology was far too obvious. The main concern of people spotting Google Glass users was that their privacy was being invaded by the gadget. The fact that outsiders may not realize when the device is in use leaves them suspicious about the ...

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