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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 3

iphone 6

Two new arrivals on the smartphone market have spiked the interest of many tech enthusiasts and otherwise, around the world. The iPhone 6 has just been launched with great hype surrounding it, while the Galaxy Note 4 is already considered one of the best phablet smartphones you can find on the market. But what happens when the allegedly best smartphone ...

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Cyanogen won’t be bought by Google

android one

Google seems to be expanding its team even further, with new acquisitions popping up every week. The last major acquisition was Lift Labs, the tech geniuses that developed Liftware for people with tremors and Alzheimer’s. Google has approached another popular company recently, Cyanogen Inc, with a buyout proposal. Cyanogen created the CyanogenMod ROM that is one of the most popular ...

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Google developing Physical Web for our convenience


Smartphones and wearables have turned into one of the most diversified category in technology and you can find millions of different devices all around the world, starting with smartphones, phablets and selfie phones to smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart jewelry and more. Not just smartphones and wearables, but many other smart devices like portable DNA scanners, drones, light bulbs, air conditioning ...

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Android 4.4 KitKat rolling out for Asus ZenFone

Android 4.4.4

Many of us are already used to Android 4.4 KitKat, but many smartphone users out there haven’t received the update yet, even though Android 4.4 doesn’t require much from a smartphone. The delays are usually caused by carriers and the time they need to roll out the update Google gives them. The Asus ZenFone is one of the delayed devices ...

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Google warned by Germany to rethink data profiling policy


We all know that Google collects a lot of our information in order to offer a cross-platform experience where you can integrate all your user accounts and be rid of the hassle of always logging in and searching for things on Chrome. It seems that Germany isn’t very happy about the Google data profiling policy and says that the company ...

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New Android L Lemon Meringue Pie build shows up


Android 5.0, dubbed Android L and supposedly called Android Lemon Meringue Pie has recently shown up in a video, running on the Nexus 5, on an issue tracker website. Android L is one of the most hyped Android updates so far with everybody looking forward to testing out the new mobile OS for themselves. The new Android L build has ...

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Project Ara modules will be hot-swappable


Project Ara is one of Google’s more recent projects, with hints to an online viral video depicting “blocks” which make up a phone that you won’t have to throw away when a a part is damaged or when you would like to upgrade certain features. Project Ara has been in the works for quite some time now, with Google working ...

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Photoshop is coming to the Chromebook


Google announced that, as of today, they have signed on a partnership with Adobe. This collaboration has the purpose of bringing Creative Cloud on Chrome OS powered decides. Initially, this process is made through a streaming version of Photoshop. For now, the program will be available for the U.S. Adobe Education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership. Creative Cloud ...

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Android Wear Com 1 smartwatch pulled after Google complaint


We had introduced you guys to the affordable and powerful Com 1 smartwatch a few weeks ago. The Com 1 smartwatch would have been running on Google Android Wear platform, and that’s where the current issue with Google and Indiegogo might have started. The Android Wear platform for wearables is a Google product and we had previously thought that it ...

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Moto 360 software update improves battery life


The Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola has been one of the biggest hits at IFA Berlin this year, and had already stirred up a lot of interest before it was even launched. The Moto 360 is so popular because of its round display which has thinner bezels than its direct competitor, the LG G Watch R, which was also introduced ...

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