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Google adds support for virtual reality in Chrome

Google Chrome

Google have announced that they are adding support for virtual reality to their Chrome internet browser. Oculus Rift is now officially able to be used with the browser while the ability to use other headsets is being worked on, with the company hoping to implement it as soon as possible. The company has revealed that although virtual reality currently won’t ...

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Users still experiencing syncing issues with Gmail on Android


If you are using Gmail on Android then you might be familiar with the error that’s preventing syncing following the 4.8 update. If not, then you must be one of the lucky ones as reports regarding this issue are still pouring in at a constant rate. The issue arose some two weeks ago, but unfortunately Google still hasn’t managed to fix it. ...

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OnePlus One and HTC One M8 will get Android L around the same time


Smartphone owners are not the only ones eager to test out Android L, a lot of manufacturers are also just as excited to see their products equipped with the latest version of the operating system. OnePlus recently confirmed that their highly sought after OnePlus One handset will receive Android L within three months after the final build is released by Google. ...

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Nexus 5 gets increased battery life thanks to Android L


Android L will help increase Google’s Nexus 5 battery life by at least 36 percent according to a new report. As some of you might be aware, each version of Android focuses on a specific aspect of the operating system that needs to be improved. The current KitKat version has something called Project Svelte, an attempt at making the OS run on just 512 MB ...

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Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto wont feature custom skins


Google engineering director David Burke revealed that skins and custom interfaces will not be allowed on Android Wear, Android TV, or Android Auto screens. Burke is well known for managing the Nexus program. Customizing might appeal to some of the OEMs that use the operating system, but the user experience is not always very good. Samsung’s TocuhWiz is one that’s ...

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