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Pokémon GO Review – The Dream of the 90s

Pokémon GO was announced last year, and people have been freaking out about it ever since. The original trailer (included below) blew everyone’s minds, and it was a tough wait. I mean, it’s a big deal – this is something we’ve all been dreaming of since the original Pokémon games came out! We’ve all wanted to set out on a Pokémon ...

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Apple Beefs Up GPS Program With Coherent Navigation Purchase


Apple yesterday confirmed to The New York Times their purchase of global positioning company, Coherent Navigation.  MacRumors got wind of the acquisition before the official announcement, reporting that Coherent Navigation’s CEO, Paul Lego, and co-founders, William Bencze and Brett Ledvina, had already made the transition to new positions at Apple. Apple has not officially released the reason for the purchase, ...

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Kill-switch for drivers with bad credit

The kill-switch is something we’ve been reading about a lot recently, and it basically entails the ability to take away every functionality of a certain device remotely. A kill-switch has mostly been discussed in connection to automobiles and drivers, many arguing that if cars had kill-switches, accidents and thefts could be more easily avoided. For example, if your car is ...

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