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Ambitious Modders Announce Plans to bring Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V

Featured Photo Courtesy of justpushstart.com

Grand Theft Auto V is the fastest-selling¬†entertainment product in history. Gamers jumped at the chance to experience Rockstar’s latest installment in the GTA series immediately after release, and have dumped huge amounts of time both into the single player campaign and the expansive multiplayer version, Grand Theft Auto Online. The community of Grand Theft Auto players is vibrant and creative, ...

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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy hits Amazon platforms


If you’ve got an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet or the new Fire TV micro-console, you can now get the three PS2-era Grand Theft Auto games on your device. Rockstar just launched Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas on the Amazon Store at $4.99 a piece. For $15 you can get tens of hours of fun, and ...

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