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Guild Wars 2 will get a second Feature pack update

ArenaNet has been on hiatus since April, taking a break from releasing any content. Recently, they have resumed their activity and announced their September Feature Pack, its content still to be announced. Numerous changes have been teased by ArenaNet and for now, the developers seem to be focusing more on the PVP content. As stated by the Guild Wars 2 ...

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WildStar Pre-Order 25% off deal available until May 5th

WildStar Pre-Order has been live since March but we’ve just spotted a deal that can get you the game 25% cheaper if you hurry. Dealzon shows discounts for both WildStar and WildStar: Deluxe Edition if you Pre-Order until the 5th of May. Note that the website only tracks deals, once selected it will redirect you to GreenManGaming where you can make ...

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Top 10 Best Free or Paid MMORPGs

MMORPGs are one the most popular video game genres today and have been for a while now. This list is mostly based on personal experience and enjoyment with these titles, but things such as popularity, player base, impact on the genre, economic model and innovation factor were also taken into consideration while compiling the list. I have played all of ...

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