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Sony Pictures Hacked, North Korea Suspected

Is the Interview the reason behind the attack on Sony Pictures?

Sony Pictures was the target of a massive cyber attack over the weekend that has seen the release of everything from salary information to feature length films. As if that wasn’t newsworthy enough on its own, Sony has reason to believe that North Korean hackers were behind the attack. A group by the name of “Guardians of Peace” or GOP ...

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The first ever Dota 2 hack is being dubbed “Insta-Hex”


Hacks are not a common occurrence in competitive online games as developers make sure to provide players with a fair play experience. Sure, there have been many attempts in the past to create hacks for some of these games, most notably for World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2. A more recent example can also be seen in Hearthstone, where botting ...

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Security Breach at Kmart


Hacking incidents at major retailers are beginning to be more common, with Target, Dairy Queen and Home Depot already targeted by hackers. The most recent security breach happened at Kmart and according to the retailer, the malware that had been responsible for the security breach had been in Kmart servers for a month already. The security breach at Kmart compromised ...

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