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Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday Deals Start Now

Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday 2014

The Steam Exploration Sale is now live which can only mean one thing for PC gamers: time to break out your wallets! Steam’s Thanksgiving sale starts today and will end on December 2nd. Why is it called the Steam Exploration Sale? The enablers over at Steam will gladly recommend games for you to check out based on the previous titles ...

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture gets new trailer and details


Today Sony revealed a new trailer for their upcoming first-person action-adventure title Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The game is being developed by The Chinese Room, a UK-based studio best known for creating the Half-Life 2 mod Dear Esther. Their current project is a spiritual successor to that mod and will be available exclusively for the PS4. Everybody’s Gone to the ...

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Half-Life 2 and Portal out now for Nvidia Shield


Nvidia’s portable console, Shield, has been struggling ever since it’s launch, but a couple of games might change the way gamers perceive it. The company received a while back the go ahead from Valve to port Half-Life 2 AND the original Portal to it’s handheld device, and today every Shield user can buy the games and play them no matter ...

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Half-Life 2 is coming to the Android-based Nvidia Shield console


Tech website PC Perspective received a very surprising gift today that teases Half-Life 2 for the Nvidia Shield. The gift comes in the form of a bright green crowbar with the message “What would Gordon do?” engraved on it. A picture was immediately taken and posted on Twitter in order to share the good news. The crowbar was sent by ...

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