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Halloween Sale Goes Live on Steam


Steam has become associated with a lot of things over the years, not all of them good. However, one thing that nearly always comes to mind when Steam is mentioned is their sales. You don’t need to look far on the internet to fully appreciate the sensation that they have become. Not just their daily and weekly sales, but their ...

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Pokemon Go Halloween Event Announced


It’s safe to say that most people know about Pokemon Go, the mobile game that took the world by storm. Sadly, it has been losing a good portion of its player base ever since its release. A steady decline has been noticed. Despite that, it remains fairly popular, and Niantic is continuing to support the game. As of today, a ...

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Top Twelve Games for Halloween


Halloween is upon us, and, for gamers, that can only mean one thing: It’s time to play (or replay) some amazing horror-based games. Video games have become just as much of a Halloween tradition as scary movies, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches. Every year, we feel an itch to turn the lights off, turn on our consoles, and willingly subject ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: The 31st


Today’s Greenlight spotlight shines on The 31st. The 31st is a uniquely Halloween-themed FPS developed by a small indie team of three people. First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of a spotlight for yesterday, but I was away celebrating the holiday. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk a bit more about the ...

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League of Legends gets cheap champion skins, new game mode, icons and more


Like many other online games, League of Legends also has its own special Halloween event aimed at celebrating the creepiest holiday of the year. Entitled The Harrowing, the event is now live and will last until November 4th. Riot is offering several neat surprises during this period, including two brand new skins called Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong. Both are currently ...

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