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Apple upgrades the MacBook Pro line


The long awaited upgrade is here, as Apple finally decided to improve its Pro laptops line. The 15-inch models will come with 16GB RAM, costing the same, while the 13-inch model got cheaper, which for many of us means better. It was about time Apple changed something about its MacBook Pro line of laptops, considering the company didn’t make any ...

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PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony is leading for the sixth consecutive month


Microsoft recently stated that Xbox One sales have more than doubled ever since the Kinect was dropped. Unfortunately for the company, it wasn’t enough as according to the latest NPD report, the PS4 outsold the Xbox One yet again and is now in the lead for the sixth consecutive month. PS4 owners are not the only ones that rejoiced when hearing the good news, ...

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Mozilla’s Firefox OS stick is looking to challenge Chromecast


Mozilla is working on a streaming device that’s meant to compete with Google’s Chromecast. The latter is a stick that can be plugged into the HDMI port of a television and allows you to stream content from a smartphone, tablet, or computer directly to your TV. Mozilla’s device will be quite similar to Chromecast except that it will run on the Firefox OS. ...

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Adobe announces their new products, Ink and Slide


Adobe is trying its hand at hardware now it seems. The company just released a stylus and a ruler called the Ink and the Slide, which help customers on the go get the most out of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite. To get both of them it will cost you$199. These are iPad only and you’ll have access to three new ...

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India will introduce $25 Firefox OS smartphones


Two companies in India are planing to introduce unlocked smartphones as cheap as $25. These phones are going to run the Firefox OS. This is a browser-based operating system so it runs a version of Firefox that’s light enough to run on mobile phones hardware. It’s basically a stripped-down OS that doesn’t run native apps like the Android OS does, it ...

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OnePlus One Review – Cheap, but any good?


The best way to describe the OnePlus One’s design is simple, if a bit generic. But it’s really not about the external casing, which is basically a slab of glass surrounded by a single piece of plastic. It’s about the leading hardware that you are getting for the surprising $299 price. This includes a 1080p, 5.5 inch display, stereo speakers on the bottom ...

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