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iPhone 5S VS Galaxy S5. A difficult decision


Samsung’s new flagship smartphone has proven itself worthy of all praise. The Galaxy S5 is by far Samsung’s best smartphone, evidence that the giant company is a fierce rival when it comes to quality devices. Yet, how will it respond to the biggest threat in the smartphone domain, Apple’s own iPhone 5S? The iPhone 5S is also a venerable smartphone, ...

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Apple to purchase Beats Electronics


Apple is close to obtaining Beats Electronics and save HTC from financial collapse. It seems like HTC had a controlling position in Beats Electronics but decided to sell its stake after watching its market share and prices fall. If HTC is actually in desperate need for the $3.2 billion Apple is willing to give, this transaction would be a breath ...

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Sony’s 185TB Magnetic Tape – The storage device of the future


Many of us used magnetic tapes to record or listen to music on our cassette players. By today it became outdated with the invention of the optical data storage devices. Few of us know that tape drives were developed in the 1950’s for large data storage and are still in use today. The Large Hadron Collider still uses magnetic tapes for massive data storage. ...

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – Camera-Smartphone Hybrid


Samsung revealed its newest camera-phone hybrid on Tuesday in Singapore. This is the second camera-specific smartphone made by the company, the first being the Galaxy S4 Zoom. It has a more elegant design than its predecessor offering improved hardware and specs. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is truly more camera than phone, sporting a 20.7-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor with optical image ...

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OnePlus One vs Samsung Galaxy S5. Flagship killer vs Smartphone giant


It seems like the giants of the flagship smartphone realm have some competition. Dubbed “the flagship killer”, the OnePlus One offers a premium smartphone experience at a low price so that everyone can enjoy it. And yet, the Samsung Galaxy S5 represents a giant company that has accustomed us with technological progress and innovation year after year, so deciding which smartphone ...

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Faulty power button on iPhone 5 fixed for free


The iPhone 5, released at the end on 2012, has given some consumers a hard time lately.  Although it was incredibly praised by Apple fans, the device seems to have hardware faults, just like low cost devices.  Luckily, Apple actions proved once more that it does not want its consumers to be disappointed.  It is still unknown if only iPhone ...

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Google brings future closer with Project Ara


Google brings future one step closer with its next hardware project. Dubbed Project Ara, the device is a modular smartphone that can be customized by replacing individual pieces, such as the battery or the display. The devices will probably be available next year and it will come in three sizes, from mini to phablet, from a smaller six-module option to ...

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