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Is Virtual Reality a Threat?


Technology is rapidly advancing.  In the last 15 years, we have seen gaming evolve from 3-D animations to life-like environments.  It’s breath-taking if you think about it.  We possess the capacity to upgrade our various forms of entertainment, but will it be our downfall? Virtual reality is becoming the new trend in gaming.  How does it work?  Gamers would wear ...

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BlackBerry Passport launch-event overview


The BlackBerry Passport launch event has just ended in Canada, and unlike Apple’s launch event, the whole affair was live-streamed by BlackBerry. We were looking forward to this event because the Passport is a unique device and we were curious what BlackBerry had in mind for the future of the company. The BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport were supposed to ...

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Google buys Lift Labs

Internet Market Considers MIcrosoft Bid for Yahoo

Google has announced today that it has formally acquired Lift Labs, the health technology startup company that manufacturers Lift ware for people affected by Parkinson’s. Lift Labs is in the business of manufacturing devices that cancel tremors and help Parkinson’s patient function in an easier way. The devices they manufacture are designed to improve the quality of life of people ...

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