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iPhone 6 pros and cons, addressing the new flagship

iPhone 6 pros and cons

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been all the rage in the past few weeks, but many of you who haven’t had the chance to hold the new Apple flagship may be wondering why you should or shouldn’t buy the new devices. With this in mind, I will try to paint a picture of the pros and ...

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Apple HealthKit now compatible with Withings devices


Apple has finally rolled out the HealthKit app after the first iOS 8 update, but it seems that manufacturers of fitness gear and wearables are slow to provide their devices with HealthKit integration. Fitbit, one of the most popular manufacturers of fitness trackers, has announced that it will not be supporting HealthKit in the near future, although they said that ...

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Apple Watch to start shipping in February 2015

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was introduced to the world by Tim Cook on September 9 at the Flint Center. The Apple Watch looked like a promising device with many different variants made available to different types of customers. Apple didn’t release the Apple Watch at the time, but promised an early 2015 release. It seems that the Apple Watch will actually ...

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HealthKit might facilitate hypochondria

HealthKit featured

A major feature of the Apple iOS 8 will be the HealthKit platform and application. The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch have just been launched and all of the devices in the new line of products from Apple will have HealthKit pre-loaded on iOS8. HealthKit is an application on your iPhone or Apple Watch which collects all the health metrics the ...

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Google Glass receives XE21.0 update


Not so long ago we were talking about Google Glass receiving a new update, and a new patent being published by the company. The patent has not yet materialized, but alas, the update, in the form of XE21.0 has been released. Even though Google Glass is still in development, glasses are scarcely available and for a hetfy $1500 price, Google ...

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Choose you smartphone wisely: iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5?


The time has come for me to turn my attention towards something I haven’t taken into consideration lately: Apple. The thing is, I’m not a fan of Apple and of the iOS, or even Mac for that matter, but I cannot ignore that many of you would rather choose something Apple over something else. Since I’ve tried my best to ...

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Apple iWatch rumored to launch this October


Apple’s iWatch will launch in October and will feature a curved OLED display, according to a Nikkei report. Unnamed industry sources claim that Apple intends to build between three and five million iWatches a month. Most analysts and researchers in the market are saying those are huge numbers that are not feasible at this point or maybe even next year. Apple didn’t confirm ...

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The iOS 8 is here: new features and improvements revealed


The most expected OS on the market was unwrapped today during the WWDC, unveiling new features and exciting news about its future use. Besides presenting the new add-ons, the iOS 8 was also presented as an improved and interactive operating system.  More than that, the iOS 8 will be able to closely interact with the new OS X Yosemite. For ...

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