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Galaxy Alpha vs HTC One E8 – overpriced vs must have

Galaxy Alpha vs HTC One E8 - overpriced vs must have

The Galaxy Alpha is Samsung’s attempt at a smartphone with a premium build, something fans have been asking for for ages now. While the company did manage to revamp the Galaxy Alpha and make it look like a premium phone with a metal design, the phone can’t boast with powerhouse specs or innovative features. The HTC One E8 is the ...

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HTC One M8 vs. HTC One E8

HTC One M8

HTC’s One M8 is among the best flagships of the year, but the price set for this device is a bit above most people’s budgets. Even though you can get a considerable price-cut by opting for purchase with a contract, that’s not the preferable option. HTC has thought of that and has released the HTC One E8 in June. The ...

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HTC Desire 616 and HTC One E8 launched in India today


Today HTC launched two new smartphones at an event in New Delhi, India: the HTC Desire 616 and the HTC One E8. The first one is a mid-range handset priced at Rs 16.900, the equivalent of $280 while the HTC One E8 is a slightly modified version of the HTC One M8 and will be available for Rs 34.900, the ...

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HTC to launch HTC One E8 in China


Apparently, the latest rumor about HTC launching a plastic version of the One M8 in China has some truth in it. Previously rumored as HTC One Vogue Edition, or as HTC One M8 Advance or Ace, the smartphone is actually called HTC One E8, and yes, it will be launched in China. Whether the device will find its way outside ...

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