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Indie Game Spotlight – Spectra

XBOXOne Screenshot 1

Spectra is the first game from Gateway Interactive. Gateway teamed up with Chipzel (best known for his work on the Super Hexagon soundtrack) to create a retro style racer that uses gorgeous music and breakneck speed to create a game that is fun, beautiful, and addicting. The goal of Spectra is pretty simple: you’re racing on a procedurally generated track that is covered ...

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SOMA Release Date Revealed

SOMA details

Years ago, Amnesia: The Dark Descent hit the scene and revolutionized gaming as we knew it. YouTubers got their start playing it, and an entire dominating genre was born of reaction-heavy jumpscare games. While these titles often get a bad rap, only the ignorant would deny that Amnesia was a masterpiece of the genre, creating a truly horrifying experience from ...

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5 Indie Games You Can’t Afford to Miss


Independent developers are coming out with some of the most unique and innovative games each year. More and more, we are seeing the spotlight turn away from buggy, triple-A releases and focusing instead of these incredible indie experiences. However, with so many releases, it can often be nearly impossible to keep up with, let alone play every indie game that ...

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Darkest Dungeon is Steam’s top-selling game


It doesn’t happen that often that an indie game from a small developer manages to beats the giants and climb the ladder to become Steam top-selling title but this is what Darkest Dungeon has accomplished, according to Valve itself. Browsing the Steam Store and sorting titles by top-selling, Darkest Dungeon appears on top of the list, followed by games such ...

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