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YotaPhone 2 Reaches Crowdfunding Goal in Less Than 5 Hours

Yotaphone 2

When talking about innovating ideas within the Smartphone industry only a few come to mind.  However there is a clear company that holds that number one spot at the top as a shiny beacon of bringing things to the table that will change the game of mobile devices completely.  This company is Yota Devices, and with their eyes set on ...

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You can 3D print the Pi-Top laptop at home for cheap

Pi-Top laptop can be 3D printed at home

3D printing has become one of the most appreciated technologies of the modern age because it makes the manufacturing process easier, safer and cheaper. While we’ve already seen 3D printed cars, the time has come to build more and more electronic devices. The Pi-Top laptop is one of those simple tasks a modern 3D printer can actually do. Pi-Top is ...

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Android Wear Com 1 smartwatch pulled after Google complaint


We had introduced you guys to the affordable and powerful Com 1 smartwatch a few weeks ago. The Com 1 smartwatch would have been running on Google Android Wear platform, and that’s where the current issue with Google and Indiegogo might have started. The Android Wear platform for wearables is a Google product and we had previously thought that it ...

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Indiegogo introducing Forever Funding


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter if you’ve heard about it, where many new technologies and gadgets are advertised, like smart belts, smartwatches, activity trackers, levitating speakers and many more innovative products which are in need of support. Indiegogo works with campaigns, which means that each developer or manufacturer campaigns for their product and tries to raise the ...

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