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Instagram introduces clickable advertisements


Instagram gave in to pressure from various companies who advertise on the social media network and announced that it would allow clickable advertisements to  show up in feeds starting today. Until now, Instagram allowed ads all around, but it didn’t allow a layout that would incorporate URLs that could be clicked by users of the social media network. As advertising ...

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Instagram Rapture complete, millions of accounts deleted

No more spam accounts on Instagram

Instagram is now a lot emptier as millions upon millions of accounts have been deleted recently. If you have an account on the site you need not worry because only those that were posting spam have been deleted. Then again, if your account was indeed posting spam then it’s probably gone. This event has been called the Instagram Rapture by many ...

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Selfies app for Android available for free on Google Play


With selfies being ever so popular these days somebody was bound to create an Android app that could help people with that endeavor. Interestingly enough, the app was made by none other than Automattic, the creators of WordPress. One might wonder why this thing hasn’t exploded yet given the massive amount of people that are obsessed with selfies these days. Well, ...

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Photoshop is finally available for Windows Mobile


Many developers started to take an interest in the Windows Phone platform, as it becomes more and more popular. Adobe is one of them and it launched the Photoshop app for Microsoft’s smartphone free of cost, which can be downloaded from Windows Phone’s official website here. The app comes in very handy for the users who no longer have to ...

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Facebook and Publicis Groupe to be long-term partners


Last week, Facebook struck a multiyear partnership with the advertising company Publicis Groupe. The deal that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars will allow Publicis to access Facebook’s ad inventory and data, and to maintain the balance between Instagram and videos from the social network. Publicis Groupe has clients like Procter & Gamble, Verizon, and Coca-Cola, so a partnership with ...

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Google could not resist Instagram’s popularity and joined it!


Google+ (plus) has been categorized as a social networking service, that allows users to share photos, news, various types of content and to make friends online.  After Facebook, results show, it is the largest online community in the world with 540 million monthly active users. Even though Google Plus has become quite popular among social media fans and businesses, Google ...

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Instagram aims for the top with Instagram for PC


Instagram became more popular with its Instagram for PC app, meanwhile competing with Facebook, whose popularity is declining due to people getting bored of it, as well as some questionable management decisions in recent weeks. This is just the usual disease that affects all companies as they lose their ability to sustain interest in time. With the current rise of ...

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