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NPR One listens to the listeners


After coming up with NPR News, National Public Radio has launched another way of listening to their feed. NPR One is designed to adapt programmes to suit the listener. While listening, you can mark a story as “interesting”. The more you do this, NPR One will get a better understanding of your preferences and adapt future streams to your profile. ...

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Apple revealed Siri for Mac


As Siri was a trademark for every iOS device since 2011, Apple decided it’s time to focus on Mac users as well. Once the decision was made, the company introduced a similar virtual assistant that can perform dictations and system commands, helping Mac users and acting as a third hand. Published Thursday, Apple’s 92-page patent application for an  “intelligent digital ...

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Update brings new features


After Windows Phone 8.1 was released last month, Microsoft rushed to include its first update. As the Windows Phone has been behind iOS and Android in terms of common features since… forever, the updated finally tries to catch up and provide a smoother user experience. The most highlighted of all features is the now common action of merging apps into folders. Dragging ...

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Bioshock coming to iPhone 5 and other iOS devices this summer


2K Games announced today that Bioshock, the highly acclaimed FPS developed back in 2007 by Irrational Games is coming to iOS soon. The company says this will be a faithful port of the original game with the main difference being that you will make use of your iOS device’s touchscreen rather than a keyboard and mouse or a controller. But ...

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iOS users are up to seven times more active online than Android users


The iOS vs Android battle is currently just as fierce as the Xbox vs PlayStation or Coke vs Pepsi battles. Obviously, battles like these are waged between consumers and not the products themselves. In this particular case we wont try to speculate on which one is better and instead we’ll look at some solid figures provided by Net Applications (via Forbes) regarding ...

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Revolv launches the long-awaited Android app


The release of Revolv’s new app for Android was finally announced today, as the company moves forward towards its connected house vision. Apart from the Android launch, Revolv also announced its support for the Nest Learning Thermostat. Both launches are meant to boost the company’s popularity, against competitors like Staples Connected Hub and Wink Hub, both already having Android apps ...

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Firefly MMOG Trailer Released


A new Firefly Online trailer was released at Comic-Con introducing gameplay details, character details and responses to the question posed in the announcement trailer: What would you do if you were the captain of a spaceship? The upcoming MMOG Firefly is said to be released in Spring 2015, and will feature the show‘s entire cast in the game. The game ...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Android released just in time


The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Android and iOS has just hit the Google Play Store, perfectly timed with the upcoming TMNT movie! In the game, you pick your favorite turtle, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello or Raphael. You then use swiping to deal with threatening minions acting on Shredder’s orders. TMNT presents itself as an action-packed game, sold at ...

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Vysk QS1 the king of privacy


This phone case is the perfect example of how the issue of privacy has become marketable by the savvy and how technology might be what proves people to be convinced of their constitutional rights. Not of course without Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal’s help, of course. Vysk Communication has seized the opportunity and created a high tech phone case ...

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Digify, the ultimate iOS and Android security app


Digify is a new application that has recently emerged on the market for Android and iOS and is offering something that most of us have been yearning for because of the current situation of internet privacy and security for the individual. Digify actually turns the files you wish to share with someone into content exclusive to you and it’s free ...

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