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Two new ways to improve your shooting with DSLR


Photographers have been given a new opportunity to improve their experience with the new app and accessory combination from Chainfire. You can now connect your phone or tablet via a cheap little accessory that mounts with a hotshoe to the top of your DSLR turning the attached device’s screen into a camera monitor, giving you a considerably larger viewing area. ...

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Apple partners with IBM to create a new class of business apps


We’ve heard about some pretty crazy partnerships this year, but this is definitely the most unexpected one yet. If you would have said back in the 80s or 90s that Apple and IBM will one day be partners you would have probably been ridiculed by most people. Well, it seems that the two tech giants have finally put their past differences ...

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Samsung Z, the first Tizen smartphone delayed once again


Samsung had promised a while back that we’ll be seeing a smartphone running on their Tizen operating system sometime during this summer. Sure enough, the company announced the Samsung Z at the beginning of June with a launch event scheduled for July 10th. The event was meant to take place yesterday during the Tizen developers summit held in Moscow, Russia. It seems ...

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Microsoft Office finally coming to Android tablets


Microsoft is making a version of Office for Android tablets, which will reportedly be on par with their recently released version of the software for the Apple iPad. The company already offers Office for Android phones, but this would be their first offering for tablets. Microsoft seems to want to also be considered a great software provider in addition to a platform ...

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CD Projekt Red announces Witcher: Battle Arena


CD Projekt Red have announced Witcher: Battle Arena, a multiplayer online battle arena game, set in the same universe as the company’s The Witcher series. The game is being developed externally by Fuero Games, and will be made for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows tablets. The game is completely free to play, and the company says you can play ...

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Soundhawk aims to let you hear exactly what you want


Soundhawk, a start-up company from Calif, has announced a brand new hearing device that aims to allow users to selectively hear whatever they want. The $299 device connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you choose what you want to listen to in any setting. It works through a combination of reducing noises that you don’t want to hear ...

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Yo App Gets Hacked, Company Hires One of the Hackers

Yo App

Yo, the strangely popular zero-character messaging app that earned itself well over one million users in its first week, has hired one of the hackers that hacked the app last week in an effort to improve its stability. The app, which only allows users to send each other a message that says “Yo,” was hacked Friday morning by three students ...

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BlackBerry 10 OS comes with new Android apps this Fall


Starting this Fall, BlackBerry users will have access to a slew of apps from the Amazon AppStore when they upgrade to 10.3. These include Candy Crush, Netflix, and Pinterest among others. “Making the Amazon Appstore available on BlackBerry 10 devices will help BlackBerry continue to meet two essential needs: greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for ...

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