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Galaxy S5 Mini vs iPhone 5C: which budget phone is better?


If you are an Apple or a Samsung fan, you don’t have many choices if you want to buy a flagship smartphone with top-notch specs. But if you are an Apple fan or a Samsung fan, but don’t want the latest and greatest and would rather settle for something that doesn’t drill a whole in your pocket. you should try ...

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iPhone 5s best selling smartphone in 35 countries


Recently most of the Apple-related news revolved around the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6. It’s no secret that everybody is eagerly anticipating the release of the company’s latest flagship, but we shouldn’t forget about their current devices either. The iPhone 5s for example could be easily overlooked by many given that it was released about 9 months ago already. ...

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Iphone 5S and 5C become cheaper as the iPhone 6 release date draws near


We’re getting closer and closer to the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 6 release date. Apple’s upcoming flagship is keeping both iOS and smartphone enthusiasts in general interested, with rumors and speculation bursting everywhere online. Based on most sources, Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September, more specifically on the 19th. This of course applies to the ...

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iPhone 6 will be bigger according to leaked images


A flow of rumors surfaced on the internet about the long-expected iPhone 6. A little while ago a bunch of leaked images showing the next smartphone sensation delighted all Apple fans. The leaked images unveiled a larger device and a change in the position of the power button from the top of the phone to the side. One of the ...

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iPhone 5c 8GB now available in more countries


Apple’s new entry-level smart phone hits the shelves in more countries. The iPhone 5c 8GB, released last moth, is the cheaper version of the typical 16GB iPhone 5c. Apple is now widening the availability of the model in an attempt to boost sales. The new countries include: Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and ...

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