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iPhone 6 Plus complaints addressed by Apple


A number of iPhone 6 Plus users have reported these last few days that their newly acquired – and ridiculously expensive – device was bending in their pockets. You may have already heard about this as the news circulated across pretty much all social media platforms lately. As you might imagine, this created quite a big fuss and Apple’s competitor’s ...

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iPhone 6 Plus vs. Huawei Ascend Mate 7

The iPhone 6 is one of the top stories on the internet right now, either because of the new features on the iOS 8, Apple Pay or because recent reports say that the iPhone 6 won’t hold up in your pocket without bending. Huawei is also top news because it has officially become the OEM of choice of the Chinese ...

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iPhone 6 Plus vs OnePlus One – phablet madness


There are people standing in line to get an iPhone 6 Plus in Australia and the U.S. as we speak and even more people waiting on their iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders to arrive at their doors, the first ones probably getting their units by the end of Friday. For these people, the deed has been done and if you’ve already ...

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Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 – flagships head to head


The iPhone 6 was one of the most anticipated phones of the year until it was released recently, whilst the Nexus 6 continues to be one of the most awaited new Google devices of the year. Since the two phones are among the most popular topics among tech enthusiasts and each phone represents the top-notch example of its respective OS, ...

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Only Apple Pay can use your iPhone NFC chip


Since the launch of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch, most people were excited to hear that Apple has decided to implement an NFC into their devices so that they may be used in the new Apple Pay platform. An NFC chip was a welcomed addition to the iPhone 6, but it seems that we will not be ...

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iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus vs. HTC One M8


Two major companies have been all the news lately, one for its newly announced product line and the other for a great smartphone that still stays at the top of flagships for this year. Nonetheless, this second company might be heading downhill because of low revenues. In any case, the two companies we are talking about are Apple and  HTC. ...

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iPhone 6 pre-orders delayed by a few days


Last week we heard that the iPhone 6 Plus went out of stock in just a matter of hours after Apple made pre-orders available. We also learned that there were still plenty of regular iPhone 6’s to go around, but it seems that this isn’t the case anymore. The smartphone was normally supposed to arrive on September 19th, but Apple ...

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