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Is Destiny’s Iron Banner absolutely broken?


The tale of the Iron Banner and it’s rise to prominence… Throughout Destiny’s shaky first year, the Iron Banner monthly event was always in a bit of a limbo. The first iteration was undeniably terrible as fresh characters could compete with high level characters and the rewards were only useful from an aesthetic standpoint. Furthermore, the only time you could ...

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Destiny gets massive update before the launch of The Dark Below

Destiny Update

Bungie has released an extensive update for Destiny, which is the first in the series of updates to introduce new content before the release of The Dark Below expansion. Update 1.0.3 brings new social features, overhauled activities and competitive spaces, adjustments to the player overall experience, plus a massive download of new content and geometry to support the first expansion ...

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Destiny averages over 3 million players daily


We have now passed the one month mark since Bungie released its high profile open world FPS, and Destiny does not cease to spit out some amazing figures. David “Deej” Dague revealed on Bungie.net that 3.2 million players are logging in every day to play Destiny. This amazing figure is topped by an average playtime for each player of around 3 ...

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Destiny will get many new events in the near future


Any good MMO should ideally have lasting appeal in order to keep players hooked and convince them to return to the game time and time again. While Destiny is considered a pretty good game by most, there are many who criticized the fact that it’s too grindy and there aren’t a whole lot of interesting activities available. Luckily Bungie is ...

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