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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gap issue addressed by Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 made its debut yesterday in its homeland of South Korean. Shortly after the first users were able to get their hands on the device we heard that some of them came across a very unusual problem. It would appear that a few of the phablets had a relatively wide gap between the display and the ...

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Issues with iOS 8 updates appear


Much anticipated alongside the new iPhones was IOS 8, Apple’s newest mobile operating system. Promising the biggest update to the IOS platform EVER, it delivered – many bugs. It seems the new OS was made in haste and from the beginning, IOS 8.0.0 had some significant issues: HealthKit apps are not available in store. There are glitches with 3rd party keyboards – when ...

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Diablo 3 getting a pet fixing patch in the near future


A lot of Diablo 3 players have been complaining about pet survivability and the fact that pets are almost useless against many challenging creatures. Blizzard said a while ago that its looking into the situation, but still hasn’t announced a fix for the problem as of yet. However, Game Designer John Yang recently went on the Diablo 3 forums and said ...

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